Happy President’s Day Monday, y’all. It’s such a wet, rainy, dreary day here. The library is closed (C’mon, library peeps. My kids still have school. I need a place to work!), so I’m here at Panera, hoping they’ll give me more than 30 minutes of wifi before they kick me off their network, drinking too much coffee, and wishing my feet would dry before I go out in the rain again.

I thought that the park I was going to this morning had a paved path.  It did not. I walked anyway, carefully, awkwardly, like a penguin on the ice in a lot of places, trying not to fall and break a leg. Or, more seriously, break my phone. For real, a $400 phone being crushed sounds way worse than a broken bone right now. But I digress.

So, it’s Monday, the day I talk about staying focused. When I started this blog, I planned Monday Motivation posts to be all about working out and being healthy. But, that’s not what I feel God is calling me to write about, so this is going to take a different spin. I’m not sure how it’s going to go. Bear with me.

Movitvation is about more than exercising when you don’t want to, eating clean despite the cupcake in the fridge, or getting up early to fit everything in. If you want that kind of inspiration, my friend Juli at PaleOMG is great at that. Go read her post, then come back here.

I’ll wait.

You’re back! Yay! Ok, let’s go.

Motivation is about finding your purpose and staying committed to it. It’s about making a mistake, but not throwing in the towel. It’s about getting it wrong over and over again, but still believing that you can achieve your goal.

Motivation is getting it wrong over and over again, but still believing that you can achieve your goal. Click To Tweet

This can pertain to any aspect of your life. We most often hear about it related to fitness. I think that’s because weight loss and muscle-building are visible, tangible things we can quantify. But really, we need motivation to complete any endeavor we undertake.

At this stage in my life, my main purpose is to turn the 3 cuties who call me “Mom” into responsible, productive citizens who are focused on God and true to His Word.

I fail daily.

I lose my temper. I pick up my phone and scroll mindlessly, ignoring the fight in the next room. I forget our daily devotion. I go for the quick-fix instead of the life-lesson. But, I also ask for forgiveness.

Daily, I repent. Daily, I try again. Daily, I strive to do better than the day before. Daily, I humble myself before Jesus and ask for His guidance and forgiveness.

In then end, it’s this committment to trying again, every single time I fail, that will make the difference.

Your Turn: What are you struggling to stay motivated with? What can I pray with you about? Let’s chat in the comments.




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